Location seed: Anchor Station Medved.

Blame this. Also: The Secret World had an awesomely cool Halloween mission every year that involves radios playing old-style spooky stories in-game, numbers stations, and ghosts. Presumably, so will Secret World Legends.

Anchor Station Medved – Google Docs


Anchor Station Medved


Are you familiar with numbers stations?  They’re legendary among the conspiracy community: radio stations broadcasting nonsense on the shortwave bands, transmitting out gibberish that’s as tantalizing as it’s creepy.  One of the most infamous ones is whatever-the-is MDZhB (or UVB-76) station that the old Soviets (and new Russians) that has been broadcasting since before the end of the Cold War.  The first layer of the onion claims that the station is a caretaker for an espionage resource, which is to be activated in wartime and then used to transmit information that could be decrypted via the use of one-time pads.  At least, that’s what the Russian spy agencies solemnly tell the current Russian regime.  There are more layers to the onion, however.


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