I said to myself, “Moe. This Griffin woman is desperate for attention.”

Which is to say, I kept saying to myself, she’s desperate for attention from anyone or anything aside from the patient forces of entropy and time, which never go on vacation and have only the mercy of an implacable blade.  There’s no need to fuel her desperate need to matter.

And that’s true.  But Drudge… ah, Matt Drudge and his juxtapositions.

Picture not embedded, for the sake of those with delicate constitutions and propensity towards the vapors.  You may peruse it here.


#rsrh An entertaining 5 minutes, 12 seconds of Obamaflack Ben LaBolt killing his soul.

Or at least stabbing it in the kidney a few times.  Jen Rubin has it right: when you are a spokesman for a candidate and your TV appearance is being sent around by the Other Side’s spokesmen, you had a bad TV appearance.

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