Trig Troofer-friendly Daily Beast tries damage control.

It’s actually very entertaining to watch The Daily Beast try to offer a ‘balanced’ look at the Trig Palin situation. The short version of said [situation], for those who missed it:  one of Wonkette’s more unhinged writers said a variety of disgusting things about Trig Palin; and in response, the Internet took Wonkette out into the alley and administered a curb-stomping made all the more entertaining by the obvious, nervous need of various liberals to join in.  The Left is starting to realize just how bad Trig Trooferism looks, you see.  The not totally brain-dead portions of it don’t want this issue getting any more press any more, particularly since it will complicate any sort of ‘look at the crazy Birthers’ narrative.  So… suppress the Trig Troofers now, and keep them suppressed.

Which is the primary reason for The Daily Beast’s damage control efforts, of course.  You see, The Daily Beast recently hired Andrew Sullivan away from, and Andrew Sullivan is easily the most notorious Trig Troofer out there.  And I do mean “most notorious:” Andrew Sullivan obsesses over Sarah Palin’s reproductive system to a degree that puts most heterosexual Casanova-types in the shade.  It’s not going to be all that great for Tina Brown if her prized ‘get’ shows up just as the controversy that he’s most known for is being slammed for the pernicious nonsense that it is, all across the blogosphere…

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Andrew Sullivan and the days bloggers have.

I normally try to adopt a back-away-slowly reaction to Andrew Sullivan – I’m not a trained psychological professional, but frankly that man’s a crazy as a outhouse rat these days – but R.S. McCain, in the process of idly smacking around Sullivan for the latest exercise in conspiracy thinking (honestly, if the Weekly World News won’t go with it*, why is the Atlantic doing so?), notes something:

The “how was your day” question is kind of weird for a blogger to explain…

Ain’t that the truth. I suspect that my wife approaches that question the same way that a bomb squad approaches a suspicious package. Alas, I always ask her how her day went, so she’s stuck.

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*Yes, that is a slur on the Weekly World News. I apologize for it.

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Witness the Jewish Conspiracy’s control over SPACE AND TIME itself!

Pejman Yousefzadeh is cruel, as befits someone as high up in the International Neo-Zionist Conspiracy as he.  When confronted with Andrew Sullivan going into an ecstatic frenzy over what was more or less a pedestrian and prosaic statement by the President, it was not enough for him to merely mock the conspiracy theorist.  No, Pejman had to go back in time, using strange and forbidden Neo-Zionist temporal secrets, and change the speech so that when Sullivan wrote*

Did you notice how many times he invoked the word “justice” in his message? That’s the word that will resonate most deeply with the Iranian resistance.

…Pejman could (devastatingly) reply “Once.”  Personally, I would have just used my super-powerful Jew Beams to cloud Sullivan’s mind into thinking that singing “Henry The VIII, I Am” over and over again was a smart way to pass the time, the next time he was on television: but then I’m just too nice sometimes.  Which is probably why they won’t let me actually have the beams yet.  Well, that and the entire Boston Irish heritage thing. Continue reading Witness the Jewish Conspiracy’s control over SPACE AND TIME itself!

I’ll raise Mark Steyn’s offer to two bucks, even.

It’s only worth twenty-seven cents to me personally because I don’t need confirmation: there’s simply no way that anybody could be as obsessed over Sarah Palin as Andrew Sullivan is unless he was carrying around a raging case of closeted heterosexuality.

Up to and including wearing the moose head.

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Greenwald, Sullivan’s faux-outrage over rendition.

“‘To cowardice,’ he said, and flung the empty glass against the back wall of the fireplace with a savageness I had never seen in him before.”

The quote is from Spider Robinson’s short story “Unnatural Causes” (found in his first Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon story collection, known as, well, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon), and we’ll be revisiting it in a moment.  But first: pro-torture pro-Obama bloggers Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan have decided that they are very unhappy about Obama’s decision to maintain the Bush administration’s policy of “asserting a broad “state secrets” privilege to shield from disclosure information related to the CIA’s rendition program.” You may find a link to Greenwald’s table-pounding via Glenn Reynolds, and one to Sullivan’s via Ace of Spades: no offense to either Glenn or Ace, but I’d rather not track the filth that they linked to directly into my nice, clean website.

And it is filth, because if you look at either pro-torture pro-Obama blogger, you’ll see that neither has done anything except pound on the table. And they won’t, either. Their outrage is rather finely tuned. Continue reading Greenwald, Sullivan’s faux-outrage over rendition.