Today is N7 Day! [Bumped.]

UPDATE: Here’s the trailer.  Looks like it’s an adventure! …Which, to quote somebody or other, means that somebody else is in deep sh*t, far away.

I dunno when they’re dropping the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, but it will probably be today.  I will not lie: I am looking forward to it. And I just got my N7 hoodie back from my sister’s, so I will be appropriately dressed for the announcement.

…Well, OK, I have to take the car to the Jiffy Lube and then do groceries because we have no food in the house.  But I will be watching the announcement in spirit.  More or less.

Yup, they’re going to announce Mass Effect: Andromeda on N7 Day.

This is pretty much a given, at this point.  Also: GET THE HECK OFF OF THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY SYSTEMS ALLIANCE HERITAGE SITE, YOU DAFT IDJITS.  Geez, were you people raised by varren?

[UPDATE: As was noted in Twitter, it’s almost certainly not coming out next week. But we’re probably getting a release date. Finally.]

Mass Effect: Andromeda to have bigger galaxy map, Mako.

At least, that’s the word.  And no Commander Shepard, which is simultaneously depressing and reassuring. Just because I want her back doesn’t mean that it’d be good to bring her back.  My reaction is all very narrative-based, I suppose.

Bad news? They’re gonna be pushing multiplayer.  Of course.  There’s money in that. …Sorry. Letting the cynicism seep in.