Anna Wintour to be next UK Ambassador?

So gossips the Hill – no, I didn’t know that the Hill had a gossip column, either, although it makes perfect sense when you think about it:

Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall, who’s often noted for her high-end, impeccable fashions, could soon have some competition in the diplomatic style department if a report that President Obama is considering Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintourfor an ambassador post is true.

The commander in chief is mulling whether to appoint Wintour, one of his biggest reelection campaign fundraising bundlers, as ambassador to the United Kingdom or France, according to Bloomberg News’s Hans Nichols.



The RNC …cuts and pastes OfA’s Anna Wintour ad.

You know how people would joke that it was going to be incredibly easy for the RNC to do campaign ads this election season, because they’d write themselves?  That in fact the GOP would just have to show Obama and the Democrats being… Obama and the Democrats?  That we might not even have to do more than cut and paste?

Yeah.  As God is my witness, we were JOKING about that last part.  We didn’t think that our opponents were going to be that dumb.


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