The ‘Join because it’s my wedding anniversary’ MoeLane Patreon plug.


It is my anniversary, in fact. Yes, Guy Fawkes Day: easy to remember, although I’ve never had that stereotypical problem. It was a great day for a wedding, too: the temperature were ridiculously nice and things went off with virtually no hitches. The excellent home-brewed beers and wines didn’t hurt, either.

But I hear the question: So why does this mean that I should subscribe to your Patreon?




Well, the tenth anniversary of is SOME time this week.

I’m not exactly sure when the first true post was (as in, not imported from another site).  I think that it was maybe on the 12th?  But I dunno.  It’s definitely this month and week, at least.

It’s been a fun ride so far, folks.  Thanks for coming along for it. (more…)


Happy anniversary to us!

I’ll say this for getting married on November 5th; it’s not a hard date to remember. ‘Course, one might not particularly want to have one’s romantic event associated with a bomb plot, but it’s not so bad, really.  After all, we’re not from the UK.

Moe Lane

PS: We typically schedule celebrations for a week later. Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday but not a school holiday, so my wife has off and my kids don’t.  Such a tragedy…


Happy 3rd pre-anniversary of @barackobama leaving office!

Only three years to go before the guy currently in the White House has to leave it!

…Well, three years is better than ‘three years and one day,’ which is what it was yesterday. You have to keep the right mental perspective, is what I’m saying.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I’m sure that some on the Left are snickering at this piece.  If the choice was between that and having to confront the fact that the President’s gameplay is horrible at any setting above ‘Easy,’ I’d snicker too.


Today is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Guess who’s not going?

Go ahead.  Guess.

On Tuesday, just 65 miles from the White House, thousands will gather at the battlefield where 150 years ago the sacrifice and bloodshed and deaths of warring Americans were immortalized by the words of President Abraham Lincoln. Fifty-one thousand casualties were counted when the fighting ceased in 1863, including 8,000 deaths, a toll that Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, pledged the nation “can never forget.”

But among the thousands in attendance will not be President Obama. For reasons not spelled out by the White House, he is staying in Washington. Instead of going to Gettysburg, he will go to the Four Seasons Hotel to address The Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting and talk about the economy. In his place, he has dispatched little-known Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to the ceremonies.

Secretary of the Interior.  Well, now we know who the lowest person is in the Cabinet pecking order. (more…)

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