And now, a brief cinema interlude of Engineers Bestriding The World Like Demigods.

This is probably my favorite scene in Apollo 13.

These guys. These guys.

Moe Lane

PS: Because I felt like it, that’s why.


#rsrh, Hey made Vodkapundit’s Week in Blogs!

As seen here, for this.

By the way, would it be unkind of me to note that the poll situation that we’re seeing now, post health-care passage, is starting to look for the Democrats like that scene in Apollo 13 where they tried shutting off the reactant valves for the fuel cells? – I mean, is it kind for me to note it again?  I can’t remember if I mentioned it on this blog, and it’s a startlingly apt reference.  If passing that health care bill wasn’t enough to recoup the President’s steady losses in popularity (their primary strategy to get at-risk Democrats re-elected), then ‘victory’ just got redefined for the Democratic party as ‘survival.’

Just saying.

Moe Lane


Movie of the Week: 1776.

It’s getting up to the July Fourth weekend, so we remove the modern heroes of Apollo 13 and bring in the ancestral heroes of 1776. I saw the Broadway revival starring Brent Spiner as John Adams, and he did fine with it – still, this is the one that I grew up with.

Moe Lane


Movie of the Week: Apollo 13. (Plus, Buzz Aldrin hip-hop link!)

And so we say goodbye to Mars Needs Women, and hello to Apollo 13… which is both a great film, and a vague sorta-kinda shout-out to Buzz Aldrin, who has two of the Greatest Videos Ever featured over here. Only one of which is a Snoop Dogg collaboration.

Swear to God, it’s true.

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