In the mail: A bunch of Delta Green books.

I may have gone a bit overboard.

To be fair, these are all print versions of the Delta Green Kickstarter PDFs that got made; they were originally supposed to be just available in PDF, but I guess Arc Dream figured out how to print them cheaply enough. Anyway, they offered five bucks off per book, so I just started grabbing. And wasn’t it a fun exercise in getting them, too. Long story, and it got resolved to my satisfaction, so I’m not gonna tattle on anybody.

Arc Dream (GODLIKE, Monsters, Wild Talents) offering blowout 66% off sale.

Arc Dream calls these deals ‘unspeakable,’ and… yeah. Godlike (World War II superheros, code GODLIKE66), Monsters and Other Childish Things (Little kids and their friendly but insanely dangerous monster pets, code MONSTERS66), and Wild Talents (Variety of superheroic settings, code WT66) really are some of Arc Dream’s best stuff.  I own most of the books already… and, thanks specifically to this offer, I now own rather more of it.  Godlike in particular is good because it was written by people who have some small idea of what happened during World War II, and how to weave in superheroes without totally disrupting history*.

Seriously, check this one out. Even with shipping costs it’s practically stealing. And the print books will probably move quickly.

Moe Lane

*They saved doing that for Wild Talents, which is a direct sequel.  Well, Wild Talents the game is.  Wild Talents the game line is a bunch of different historic settings, including at least two possible futures and the American Civil War.

Arc Dream has a bunch of Delta Green softcover RPG supplements up.

Found here.  I don’t think that they’re part of the $300 The New Age tier in the Delta Green Kickstarter; I got the impression at the time that the tier in question covered all the hardcover books that Arc Dream’s supposed to be publishing. That was and is a good deal, in my opinion, and I assume that these are print-on-demand softcovers that seem to be becoming pretty popular in the gaming world. PDFs are nice, but so are physical books.

So, if you’re a completist, check ’em out.  Alas, I have to budget for that sort of thing these days.  Then again, I did get the PDFs as part of my backing, so I’m hardly hurting for new stuff to read.

ML Interview: John Tynes (Delta Green: Strange Authorities)

OK, background:

  • John Tynes is the author of Delta Green: Strange Authorities, which is a compilation of John’s Delta Green-themed fiction for the last several years (the publisher is Arc Dream, which puts out a good deal of nice gaming material generally).  He is also one of the Names involved with Delta Green generally.
  • Delta Green (DG) is an extended supplement/setting/mutant, rugose appendage to the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game generally.  DG combines Cthulhu Mythos cosmic horror with government conspiracy, and it is dearly loved for that.
  • …I’m not going to explain the Cthulhu Mythos.  Go read Cthulhu 101 if you don’t know what the Mythos is; in fact, go read it even if you do know what the Mythos is.

Seeing as I am a roleplaying game geek AND a Cthulhu Mythos fan AND a Delta Green enthusiast… as you can imagine, I was more than happy to interview John about the book, get his thoughts on What Delta Green and the Mythos Means To Us, and tease out a hint or two about the planned update of the game setting.  Plus, some hard truths about the gaming industry! – Which believe me, I kind of already knew.

MP3 interview at the link below.  I’d like to do more of these, I think: they’re kind of refreshing.

John Tynes Interview – 04/20/2012

Moe Lane