Life imitates Army of Darkness. cc. @groovybruce

Via Twitchy comes this:

Alas, Ed Morrissey raised the bar just a little too high for ‘best response.’


Just as well, though: I would have strained things mightily in order to make a “primitive screwheads” reference.  Army of Darkness is, after all, one of my favorite flicks in the whole wide world – but it’s no excuse for calling your readership mean names.

Moe Lane

Quote of the Day, Jim Geraghty / BOOMSTICK edition.

From his Twitter:

It seems some lawmakers believe a “listening tour” begins with them saying, “alright, rabble, now shut up and listen.

The most depressing part? They’re being depressingly stodgy about it, too. This would have been so much cooler:


(Army of Darkness)

Ach, well, it’s not like anybody ever accused the Democratic party of being particularly creative anyway.

Moe Lane

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