The August Patreon stuff is up!

This month, it’s:

  • OMBUDSMAN (The Fermi Resolution): a two-fisted tale of corporate responsibility and defenestrations! Complete with Scenes of Heroic Endeavor, for the Edification and Entertainment of the Managers and Workers of the Hershey Consortium.
  • As the Golden Emperor Lies Dying, Chapter 6: The Future: Not that anything involving the King in Yellow has an actual future. But if you’re playing a cosmic terror game, well, that’s baked in the cake, hey?

Gonna do different stuff in both categories next month, I think. Because I’m kind of slagged, right now.


The monthly April Patreon items are up.

A little bit of schedule-squeezing to make deadline, but that’s OK. It’s good practice for me. As for the entries:


The March Patreon stuff is up!


  • The Wolf-Man of Westhaven. Short story, set in the Fermi Resolution universe. HP Lovecraft wouldn’t have liked it, maybe; although he might have, too. He always did like it when people mucked around with his ideas.
  • As the Golden Emperor Lies Dying, Part 3. This one, on the other hand, is pretty straight-up cosmic horror Hasturian Mythos-steampunk. If I didn’t have a full schedule right now, I’d be looking for an OGL that could handle steampunk and use it to expand this setting into something that I could sell. But the schedule is full, alas.

This month’s Patreon stuff is up.

Behold! The power of spite.

  • As the Golden Emperor Lies Dying, Part 1: Steampunk Hastur Mythos alternate history horror campaign setting involving me doing horrible things to Emperor Norton I because it’s horror.
  • Le Roi Est Mort: Straight-up Mythos fiction. It might even be grimdark. I dunno if people will like it, but I had fun writing it.

Spent most of the day finishing these up, but that’s the job for you.