Atari’s almost brutally hipster new console.

It’s pretty weird. Atari wants to turn your TV into a computer monitor:

Atari’s newest console is a modern take on the popular late 1970s console, the Atari 2600. Ataribox claims it will bring a “full PC experience for the TV,” and deliver home-focused features such as video streaming, social media, web browsing and music.

It’s gonna run Linux and cost up to three hundred bucks.  Oh, and you can support it early via Indegogo (the console comes out next year). This is causing some head-scratching, let me tell you.  What’s the point? (more…)

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Q. How do you turn junk into treasure?

A. Bury it in the desert:

A cache of Atari game cartridges, including copies of one of the worst video games ever made, have sold for more then $100,000 after being discovered in a landfill site in the desert.

The ‘one of the worst video games ever made’ thing, of course, refers to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. A landfill copy sold for $1,535 – which is weird, because if you click on that lin you’ll see that you can get in on Amazon for around eighty bucks.  Not that you should spend eighty bucks on that game either, by all accounts…

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