Atomic Overmind is bringing the Reign.

I’ve seen Reign referenced* in other game lines — mostly the ones that use Godlike’s One Roll Engine — but have never actually played it.  Greg Stolze’s a good get for Atomic Overmind, though; dude’s got a solid roleplaying game designer rep. Having him do a second edition will likely work out in both side’s favor.  I look forward to seeing the result.

Moe Lane

*It appears to be a game that takes special care to map out how large groups and countries would interact with each other in a RPG setting — and how to have players game that sort of thing out.  Kind of high concept, in other words. The sort of thing that normally GMs do for their players, in campaigns where the PCs don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of that themselves.


Atomic Overmind Press is coming back on-line!

They’re doing that Ken Hite second volume Tour de Lovecraft Kickstarter later in the month, and they’re also going to do new content for The Day After Ragnarok:

The Speleo-Herpetologist’s Handbook  opens up the biggest, deadliest, most poisonous dungeon ever — the 2,500-mile long body of the dead Midgard Serpent — to adventure and horror. Loathsome new monsters, deadly ophi-tech, and complete adventure support in  The Day After Ragnarok style all wait for you … inside!

The day’s looking up.


My ‘Song of the Siren’ One-Sheet adventure for The Day After Ragnarok RPG.

I think that you will find it very much of interest, and I encourage people to buy both it and the Day After Ragnarok main game. For those unfamiliar with it, the game imagines a world where the Nazis summoned the World Serpent and the United States promptly nuked it, with disastrous, but not quite world-ending, results.  It is actually a very fun world to write for: I appreciate Ken Hite and Atomic Overmind Press for giving me a chance to play in their sandbox.

Plus, they let me keep one truly bad pun.

Moe Lane

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