Salon’s sad attempt at smearing the Right wrt Kermit Gosnell.

Now, I understand that this Alex Seitz-Wald fellow wishes to a) distract and b) infuriate the Right by repeating the bald-faced lie that conservatives only covered the Kermit Gosnell stories in the last week or so (and it is a bald-faced lie).  I will therefore trashcan my previous remarks and thus merely note that if Salon is going to talk about how conservatives supposedly did or did not cover the Gosnell atrocities in 2011, then they really should include a survey of what RedState – you know, a site that has its own Salon tag – did during that time period:

…Or did Alex Seitz-Wald actually do that research, and then decide that it was… unhelpful? (more…)

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