I have a limited number of Audible promotional codes for FROZEN DREAMS.

If you missed the Kickstarter, have already used up your code for the month (click here if you haven’t), and haven’t gotten it via signing up for Audible (click here to do that)… I have a limited number of Audible codes. Leave a comment or contact me via the… Contact Me form. First come, first served.

The link below also works, mind you.

Tweet of the Day, I’ve Never Gotten Into Audiobooks… edition.

…but I know that people who read me do get into audiobooks.  And I did read and like Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies. Heck, I’d hope that I would; I did the Kickstarter for it. So check this out.

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve actually wondered from time to time why I don’t get into audiobooks. Maybe I like going back and checking the text too much? It’s hard to do that with audio.  At least I perceive it as being hard.