MSNBC: Bobby Jindal is ‘trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin.’

Let me put this succinctly. Forget letting MSNBC host one of the GOP’s primary debates.

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner had Arsalan Iftikhar, founder of, on to discuss Gov. Jindal’s comments… “I think Governor Jindal is protesting a bit too much. He might be trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin as he runs to the right in a presidential bid,” said Iftikhar.Washington Free Beacon

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Is there a word for the state of mind where you believe a story…

…simply because you want it to be true, and there’s no harm in believing it?

Man stranded in desert builds motorcycle out of his broken car

According to Merriam-Webster, ingenuity can be defined as “skill or cleverness in devising or combining” or “cleverness or aptness of design or contrivance.” We’d say that’s an apt description of a Frenchman named Emile who reportedly found himself stranded in the deserts of Northwest Africa after breaking a frame rail and a suspension swingarm underneath his Citroën 2CV.

What to do? Why, disassemble the broken hulk and build yourself a motorcycle from its pile of parts, of course!

Via Instapundit. Personally, if I was running the world – or just a genius at auto design – I’d give serious consideration for figuring out a standard way to do this for any car.  As the Victorian adventuress said once about carrying a pistol: one would not often need this, but when one does need it one tends to need it quite badly.