A PSA: Why somebody might play Batman on the screen.

I dunno, friends: why would a good-looking single dude in his thirties sign up to play an iconic character? One with a proven track record of being franchise-friendly? And for cool five million dollars? Why, it’s a total mystery. Hold on, let’s see what answer GQ got from Robert Pattinson:

GQ: Can I ask why The Batman is something you wanted to do? I can think of a lot of reasons to want to do it. But I can also, frankly, think of a lot of reasons to not want to do it.

Pattinson: What are the reasons not to do it? [laughs]


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You should never do this with a bat to a car.

Assuming that it’s real, of course.  It’s maybe not real.  But if it is real, then you should never do this and there is nothing in this post to indicate otherwise.  Again, you should never, ever interrupt a Manhattan auto dudebro ‘photoshoot’* – one that’s blocking midday traffic – by taking out a bat and smashing a windshield.

NEVER. (more…)

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