GURPS Martial Art: Batter Up. [GURPS 4e]

Batter Up

Batter Up (5pt)

This particular style is best suited for either post-apocalyptic campaigns where people have access to baseball equipment but no real memory of the game itself, or else cinematic urban campaigns where urban street gangs with bizarre costume themes are a thing.  Batter Up is a brutal street-fighting style: you hit people with the baseball bat until they fall down, and then you stomp them.  What makes Batter Up interesting is that its adepts train extensively on the bat. Some useful brawling techniques are taught, and every adept learns to throw a baseball in combat, but the style definitely encourages an almost obsessive focus on the bat.

Typically, Batter-Up adepts will wear a modified baseball uniform, with limited, light protection at the groin, joints, and head. Spiked or weighted gloves are very common. Continue reading GURPS Martial Art: Batter Up. [GURPS 4e]