Martial Art: Batter [GURPS 4e]

Batter is, by the way, different from Batter-Up.  The former is snickering at how easy it is for the present to get the past wrong; the latter practically worships at the altar of Fallout 4. Although Moe Cronin might find Batter entertaining enough, if remarkably free of blood.

Batter [15pt]


This is the modern reconstruction of the ancient martial art first practiced by wandering players during the Early Middle Period of the First American Republic.  These men (fragments from the sagas suggest that women players were exceedingly rare)  were inveterate wanderers who thought nothing of spending up to half the year going from town to town as part of their ritual practices. Sober legend has them as being ascetic, dedicated athletes with a strong ethical and civic code; what popular tales survive from this time period suggest that players had a decidedly earthier style when not on the Field of Play.  

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