Tweet of the Day, The BDS Movement Clearly Causes Neurological Damage edition.

If you’re wondering why this Marsha Levine person thought that she could treat a 13 year old like garbage, it’s because screaming at an Jew is never going to be a social faux pas among Dr. Levine’s set. Indeed: it might keep Dr. Levine from suffering the same fate, herself. That particular crowd can turn on a person faster than lightning.

Note that I am explicitly saying that if you support BDS with regard to Israel, you are probably stupid and are certainly getting stupider every day. Consult a neurologist with all due speed. If you won’t consult a neurologist, then at least stop operating heavy machinery.

Jew-hating wing of the Presbyterian Church gives the divestment game away.

Background: the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally voted narrowly to retreat from doing business with Jews… oh, pardon me: I meant ‘divest themselves from companies that sell stuff to Israel.’ The virulent anti-Semites – oops, I was trying to type out ‘hardcore progressive activists’ – in that particular sect have been pushing for this for some time; they finally got their way.  Which makes this Kinsley Gaffe – yikes, what it is with me, today?  I absolutely thought that was going to be expressed as ‘inarticulate comment’ – all the more fascinating.

…Heath Rada, moderator for the church meeting, said immediately after the vote that “in no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

So, apparently, there is an actual lack of love: it just… had no actual effect on this decision, then.

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I should probably thank the BDS lunatics.

Their impotent screaming over SodaStream reminded me that I have one.  It’s absolutely great to have seltzer to hand whenever I need it, you know? – Especially since the eldest kid loves the stuff, so I can give it to him instead of actual soda.

So thanks, you anti-Semitic so-and-sos! Despite yourself, the world is just a little bit better because of your actions. Continue reading I should probably thank the BDS lunatics.

House bill introduced to spank anti-Semites in higher academia.

Good. Shame it’s not a literal spanking:

A new bipartisan bill introduced Thursday in the House would strip all federal funds from any U.S. academic institution that decides to boycott Israel, according to a copy of the newly filed legislation obtained by the Free Beacon.

The introduction of the bill marks the first time that Congress has sought to level harsh economic penalties on federally funded universities that seek to boycott the Jewish state.

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Report: WH in full CYA/BDS mode over Christmas attack.

A quick survey of priorities:

  • In 2001, the American government’s response to a successful series of terrorist attacks was to look outwards to see who to hit for this*.
  • In 2009, the American government’s response to an only-because-we-got-lucky unsuccessful terrorist attack was to look inwards to see who to blame for this. (H/T: Nice Deb)

I think that, all things considered, I prefer the first approach.

Moe Lane

*To somewhat purify the Onion’s point.

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‘Regime,’ is it?

Slapdash, or scaredy-cat?  Does it matter?

The lack of self-respect in the Obama administration astounds me, sometimes.  From the (probably-now abortive) pushback on the call to shut down repatriating AQ terrorists to Yemen:

“I am aware of a lot of people pointing back at the way the transfers were handled under the Bush administration that apparently they have some concerns about that,” said the official, who had not seen the senators’ letter. “I didn’t hear many of those concerns at the time, but there were obviously hundreds and hundreds of detainees that were transferred under the old regime.”

The official hadn’t also seen Sen. Feinstein’s (D) own shared concern about said repatriation, which as Ed Morrissey notes is a serious problem for the drive to close Gitmo.  But never mind that, right now: what gives with all the unforced errors?  I mean, if this was an unintentional attempt to give offense, it’s pretty sloppy thinking; and if it was intentional, well, way to go with putting words in the administration’s mouth there, Sparky.  A true progressive would have had the elementary courage to put his or her Bush Derangement Syndrome on the record.

Well, either way I can’t say that I’m surprised.

Moe Lane

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Andrew Breitbart needs to take his BDS metastasis article…

(via Dana Loesch) …all the way to its logical conclusion. I pretty much agree with the main point of Andrew’s article (‘George W. Bush-by-proxy syndrome‘):  with President Bush’s leaving the public stage, the people that have spent the last eight years irrationally hating and fearing the man have had to cast their nets wider and wider to find a suitable replacement for their urges.  But where he’s wrong is that there’s actually one individual left with which to draw BDS sufferers ire, and in some ways he’s the best choice of all: President Barack Obama. Continue reading Andrew Breitbart needs to take his BDS metastasis article…