Tweet of the Day, That Deputy Sure Found Some Trouble Bruin edition.

I’d say I’m sorry for that, except that I try not to lie to people.

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Tweet of the Day, This Is A Perception Check Crit For SOMEBODY edition.

Either a critical success on the part of the bear’s, or a critical failure on the people’s. Not sure which.  Also: you can almost see the bear’s How are these creatures the apex predators? thought bubble as he watches… well. Watch for yourself:

Suuuuuure it was a bear.

That’s just disinformation, man.

Recordings taken at a station that detects seismic activity at Kultieth River Mountain in southeast Alaska would suggest that the area experienced a strong disturbance earlier this month.

But it was no earthquake.

The incident recorded by the Alaska Earthquake Center’s seismic sensor, according to KTUU-TV, was actually the work of a bear, or at least that’s what scientists think.

If you can’t make a game session out of this you’re simply not trying hard enough.

Tweet of the Day, “Alright: Who Let The Bear Smoke Some Of The Marijuana?” edition.

That’s what I call it. “The marijuana.” Because of course it’s site policy never to imply ownership, in the event of marijuana. So I always use the indefinite article ‘the’ marijuana, never ‘your’ marijuana*.

But, yeah: somebody let the bear get toasted. Which is to be expected, of course. Colorado, you know.

Moe Lane

*Yes, it’s a classical reference.

Bear walks into bar, gets chastised, walks out of bar.

This apparently happens in Alaska.

A bear walks into a bar, is refused service and leaves.

It may sound like a bad joke, but incredibly it happened in Alaska. And there’s footage to prove it.

Kind of a shame that you can’t domesticate bears. I like bears.  I don’t trust them enough to hang around them – because, you know, they can’t be domesticated – but I like them.

Moe Lane