Book of the Week: Bears Want to Kill You.

Not using an Amazon link, because bullshittery regarding Amazon links is why Ethan Nicolle’s Bears Want To Kill You is the Book of the Week to begin with. Short version: Nicolle (you probably know him as the guy involved with AXE COP and the Babylon Bee) is in some Kafkaesque, Catch-22 loop with Amazon over his book, and it’s getting old. Doesn’t help that the aforementioned bullshittery by Amazon is all probably automated, too.

I like the service, all in all: but this is why in the end you have to have a human to pick up the phone, Mr. Bezos. Because a human could have solved this problem in about five minutes, and, well, I know that folks with more reach than me these days are noticing this because I bloody well told them about it.

But never mind me.

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