Just got the pencil sketch in for the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook cover.

There’s one minor tweak that I need have done, but otherwise it’s gonna pop, I think. Ben Fleuter does good work. Can’t wait to tease it out to folks.

Ach, what a weirdly productive month it’s been. I’m getting to the point where I need to start thinking about all the other stuff I’ve been — well, not neglecting. Money was paid for these projects; people need to get their money’s worth. But I got a manuscript that needs a second pass-through, then an alpha reader handout. And soon it will be November, and time to write another book. Busy, busy, busy…

Moe Lane



Fermi Resolution RPG will have @bfleuter for artwork.

I’ve announced this before, but it’s locked down now: the Fermi Resolution TT RPG worldbook (Powered by GUMSHOE) will have original artwork by Ben Fleuter. Ben, for those of you who do not already read Sword Interval – and if you do not, then please start reading Sword Interval – is a first-rate cartoonist who I’ve wanted an excuse to throw money at for some time now. I think that his aesthetic will work very, very well with this project.

You can get in on this worldbook, and a bunch of other stuff, at the Backerkit FROZEN DREAMS store here. Get it now, because the deals won’t last long!


Two weeks left on The Sword Interval Vol 2 Kickstarter.

This Volume 2 Kickstarter is for Ben Fleuter’s excellent magical apocalypse webcomic The Sword Interval, which I can’t recommend enough (and is fortunately/unfortunately* starting to look like it’s coming to a climax). I have Volume 1, and have eagerly backed this one, too. It’s well worth your time.

Moe Lane

*Well, you know. When a story’s over, it’s over, right? Leave the shambling undead on the screen or page, not in your creative flow.


Reminder: If you’re not reading Sword Interval, you are probably making a poor life choice.

I dunno. Maybe there’s a good reason not to read a webcomic about monster hunters with guns in a world about to have a supernatural apocalypse. I can theoretically see why people might not feel like they’d be into that, but when such a theory comes into contact with the awesomeness that is Sword Interval it’s theory that has to give way. This is just a freaking solid webcomic, people. Benjamin Fleuter has a particular talent for worldbuilding; today’s comic┬áin particular does “show, don’t tell” ,marvelously well. Check it out.

Moe Lane

PS: Also check out the dude’s Patreon. A buck a month is a small price to pay towards keeping this comic going. I certainly think so.

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