Don’t let what happened to @BenLaBolt (Who?) happen to you.

Short version: this Tweet went out:

…which caused former Obama press secretary (and current nothing in particular) Ben LaBolt to respond:

Alas, if LaBolt had simply done this, he would have discovered that Jack Kimble is a fake Congressman with a fake website.   Which frankly robs the whole thing of pretty much any oomph that it might have had otherwise.  But it is funny to watch everybody screw that up!



Who is the more believable articulator of Obama/Biden’s coal policy?

Leo Gerard, the (Canadian) president of the United Steelworkers union? (Via Obama spokesflack @BenLaBolt)

Mr. Obama is committed to protecting clean air and clean water for our families while also helping the coal industry.

Or would it be… actually, hold on a second.  WHO ASKED foreign-born and foreign-national union leader Gerard his opinion on the 2012 American Presidential election?  WHY did the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette avoid noting that Mr. Gerard is not an American citizen?  And why is an official campaign surrogate like Ben LaBolt uncritically propagate an article where a FOREIGNER went on to directly attack an American politician? Particularly since said foreigner had previously called for a resistance movement in the United States AND was involved in the infamous 1999 WTO riots in Seattle?  Come right down to it, is there a single functional adult and competent political operative ANYWHERE in Obama for America?  At all?

OK.  Mini-rant over. (more…)


#rsrh An entertaining 5 minutes, 12 seconds of Obamaflack Ben LaBolt killing his soul.

Or at least stabbing it in the kidney a few times.  Jen Rubin has it right: when you are a spokesman for a candidate and your TV appearance is being sent around by the Other Side’s spokesmen, you had a bad TV appearance.

Moe Lane (more…)

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