The ‘The Current War’ trailer.

It’s got Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison, because… I don’t know. Because he wanted the role and who was going to tell him no? Especially since Tom Holland is there, too, thus more than doubling the chance that some of that sweet, sweet MCU fanbase would come and see a dramatization of the fight of Edison vs. Tesla over AC/DC current.



So somebody found this Robert Downey Jr story weird.

I forget who: but the gist of it is as follows. Mark Zuckerberg designed an ‘AI*’ assistant – like you do – and he wants to get a voice for it (Zuckerberg is calling the ‘AI’ ‘Jarvis’). Enter Robert Downey (who gets to be in every Marvel movie from now on, if he likes), who replied:

I’ll do in a heartbeat if Bettany gets paid and donates it to a cause of Cumberbatch’s choosing…that’s the right kind of STRANGE!

Bettany is Paul Bettany, who is the voice of Jarvis/Vision in the Marvel movies, and you know perfectly well who Cumberbatch is.  Anyway… somebody found this potential deal weird, although I don’t. Zuckerberg gets Downey’s voice for his personal not-Siri.  Bettany gets a nice charitable-giving tax deduction for free. Cumberbatch gets to give money to some charity just before his next movie (which is a Marvel movie) comes out.  And Downey doesn’t have to get Zuckerberg, Bettany, and/or Cumberbatch Christmas presents this year.  It all seems perfectly reasonable to me

*It’s not a real AI. If it was a real AI, my wife would have told me about it two years ago.

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