QotD, Maryland Gun-Grabbing Legislators Should Worry About This Quote edition.

Short version: Beretta makes guns in Maryland.  Maryland is dominated by liberal Democrats.  Liberal Democratic legislators hate and fear guns.  Maryland is about to express that hatred and fear via inappropriate legislation.  Beretta is contemplating getting the hell out of Maryland – and taking all those taxable jobs and all those taxable sales with it.

The quote:

“All I can tell you is, Mr. Beretta said, ‘There always seems to be a problem with Maryland.’ ”

Ayup.  There always is.  It’s called the Maryland Democratic party.  Sorry to put it that bluntly; but I’m starting to get tired of gun-grabbing ideologues who think that the answer to them being weak is to ensure that it doesn’t matter that anybody else is strong.

(Via Twitchy)