So. The Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer.

I take it this is something?

I mean, they promised this last year, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 looked fun then – but this trailer is apparently making the fans drool.  Or stare at the screen. Or twitch a little. This trailer is definitely in a different style than the previous trailer.

But, of course, the important question is: will this be on the PC?  You understand my interest in that question.


The Beyond Good And Evil 2 E3 trailer.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is gleefully violent and casually profane and absolutely unsuitable for children (or those of infirm moral character) and I am extremely concerned that it will not be available on the PC. Because, yeah, that last bit is the only real deal-breaker for me. I’m just not going to buy a PS4. It’s not in the cards.

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