BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has arrived! I’ve wanted this supplement for a while, now. Just… not enough to spend hundreds of dollars on it, mind you.

BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS reprint available at Chaosium.

Link here (I’ve already ordered mine). AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS is a reprint, not an update: the module uses the Call of Cthulhu 5.5 rules, but they offer conversion advice for 7.0 campaigns. Hardest hit: the folks trying to sell old copies for three hundred bucks.

Heh. Reminds me of why Steve Jackson Games reprinted GURPS Imperial Rome. IIRC, somebody on the forums came on and started bragging about how he managed to score a copy of the first edition for a ‘mere’ hundred bucks or so. Steve Jackson took careful note about how many people were enviously congratulating him, then went ahead and did another print run…

Well, this is sort of a CoC RPG PSA…

…sorry about the TLAs, but if you don’t get ’em right off of the bat you probably won’t be interested in this post anyway.

Anybody, if you’re like me you’ve looked at the prices for the legendary – and inexplicably out of print* – Beyond the Mountains of Madness: An Epic Campaign and Sourcebook (Call of Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying, #2380), which starts at sixty bucks and rapidly gets worse.  Fortunately, the invention of the PDF format was a positive boon to the roleplaying game industry (and its customers, most of whom don’t have the room for many new books) – so somebody had a rush of oxygen to the brain and made a digital version available for about one-third off.

Mind you, forty-two bucks for a digital download is a hell of a lot in absolute terms, which is why it’s on a wish list..

Moe Lane

*IIRC, GURPS Imperial Rome got a second edition precisely because somebody went onto Steve Jackson Games’ old forums and started bragging about how he found a copy of the first edition for only a hundred bucks. It wasn’t the brag so much as it was the way that people kept congratulating the guy that made the company take notice.