Had a good Call of Cthulhu session at @BFGcon.

Actually ‘won’ the prize for that session, which I was not expecting to be a thing. Played the android on the space station, and things happened… pretty much as you’d expect. I mean, it was Call of Cthulhu, and I got the award by my fellow-players voting (I voted for the guy who set me up with all the fun straight lines), so I figure that I did OK.

I may end up doing another 8 PM game after all, if there’s a spot still free. Although for this one I’ll be much more supporting-cast. Just as long as I get to go mad in the end.

So, BFGcon this weekend.

The Saturday night game I signed up for got canceled, so I suppose I’ll be going to that one concert after all. And having a drink or two. That appeals. Getting up early Saturday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon (then going to a SCA baronial meeting), so it’s going to be a light couple of posting days there. Unless I just decide to blog from the con, because why the heck not?

Info for BFGcon can be found here. I’m curious if I’ll like it. If I do, I may sign up to run a game or two there next year. Heck, maybe I should just bring something along anyway.

So, hey, going to BFGCon in Frederick.

The Big Frederick Gaming Convention, Frederick, MD, March 15-17. I am NOT running a game — didn’t sign up in time — so I’ll just play in other people’s. Got in on Call of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents games, so that should be fun. Plus, of course: dealer’s room! It should be, as they say, a thing.

Moe Lane

PS: Probably just going Saturday and over-nighting it. I foresee a beer or two in my future there.