#rsrh Constant Reader BigGator5 puts money where mouth is…

…by running for office.  Specifically, he’s running for Supervisor of Elections for Lake County, Florida – which is, of course, one of the kinds of jobs that we always need candidates for, and we always will.  No election or donation site yet, but BG5 is of course a long-time reader both here and at RedState, so I’m sure that he’ll let us know when that changes.

Obviously, I wish him luck and success, and I look forward to hearing from him (and anybody else doing the same thing) about what it’s like to run for office on the county level.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, the GOP and conservatism in general needs more like this; people who will run for offices.  We can’t win if we can’t show up.  I’m not saying that people are bad people for not doing that – after all, I’m not running for anything right now, either – but if you have the time and the inclination, tossing your hat in the ring would be a mitzvah.