No, New York Times, a Yes on #Syria will not make us do the Democrats’ bidding.

Let me just nip this errant nonsense right in the bud:

Some Obama loyalists make the case that the Syria resolution, if approved, could lead to other successes. Working across party lines might prove contagious, precipitating a search for more common ground.

…because it caters to a peculiar delusion of the Democratic party: to wit, that the reason why there has been (blessedly) gridlock in Congress since 2011 is because of partisanship.


The reason why there has been gridlock in Congress since 2011 is because in 2010 the Republican party was able to elect enough federal legislators to make our collective opinions relevant, particularly the one that goes The Democrats are flipping wrong on the economy. It boils down to this: the other side had two years of full control of the government, and they spent it passing Obamacare and the Lily Ledbetter Act*. Oh, and going outhouse crazy with new levels of deficit spending; levels that they’ve been trying to make the new normal ever since.  Democratic reflexes, in other words, are lacking when it comes to a sour economy; which is merely me finding a polite way to suggest that the typical Democrat with access to the treasury is like the average rat with the pleasure center of its brain wired to the red, candy-like button under its paw**. (more…)


#rsrh ‘Compromise?’ On raising taxes?

I fail to see why the Republicans are obligated to ‘compromise’ on raising taxes.  If the Democrats want to not raise taxes, they already have the votes that they need to do that for another month.  They can do anything that they like, in fact: raise the marginal rates to 60%; create a VAT; and even tax our air, light, thoughts, and dreams for humanity if they can figure out how to meter such things.  What they can’t do is make us agree to give them cover for doing something that we don’t want to do.

Regretting yet that eagerness in 2009 to go tell people “I won,” Democrats?

Admittedly, Ezra Klein sort of knows all of this already.  It’s just that he’s kind of incapable of admitting that something bad can happen in Washington that wasn’t caused by a Republican.  Sort of how recent European history… no, no: that’s a nasty analogy to make.

Moe Lane

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