#rsrh QotD, King of Kings Edition.

Mickey Kaus looks upon the works of Obamandias, and despairs:

Now I’m scared! What yesterday’s comments suggest isn’t just that Obama will get clobbered in the midterms. It suggests that after he gets clobbered he won’t be able to adjust and turn the setback into a longterm victory the way Bill Clinton did. Clinton reacted to his 1994 midterm loss by acknowledging his opponents’ strongest arguments and pursuing a balanced budget and welfare reform. Obama seems more inclined to just tough it out until the economy recovers and the scared, confused voters become unscared and see the light. Meanwhile, he’ll spend his time in a¬†protective cocoon.

The context here is that the President is blaming the upcoming shellacking at the polls on the American people being too scared to think straight.


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