Yeah, it was a light posting day.

Deadline for the baronial newsletter. Normally it’s not a problem, but this month some stuff that I’m peripherally involved with is going on and I needed to make sure it got into the newsletter all nice and whatnot. Couple that with a need to handle all the things going on with the second day of school back and it’s amazing where the time went.

And, to be truthful about it: the short story fiction is kind of looming over my head right now. I told myself a couple of days off was understandable, but the couple of days are over. Got to get back on top of things…

Kind of creatively drained, today.

Often happens on the first of the month. I’m also mildly worried of burnout, but I’m always worried about burnout. I think I’m going to go to bed at (for me) a reasonable hour, turn off the alarm, and not worry about when I’m getting up. The kids are perfectly capable of getting their own breakfasts and into each other’s business without my help, after all.