The obligatory ‘bipartisan Chuck Hagel groundswell ain’t happening yet’ post.

There really is something entertaining about the way that Barack Obama had to get Senator Jack Reed to try to shepherd Chuckie Hagel through the Senate confirmation process.  Reed is more or less a nonentity; I had to look him up to see if he had any distinguishing characteristics from all of the other liberal Democratic Senators.


Not really, sorry. (more…)


Good job getting Sen. Corker mad there, Sen. Nelson.

In response to this story about how supposedly Senator Nelson of Nebraska had called in Senator Corker of Tennessee to try to get a “bipartisan solution” (read: “Republican cover”) for the Democrats’ debt bill, Sen. Corker’s office contacted Instapundit with the following:

UPDATE: A Corker spokesperson emails: “As I’ve told Fox, we were invited late yesterday to a meeting in Sen. Ben Nelson’s office and were surprised to learn by reading the news this morning that by accepting the invitation we had joined a gang. That’s not accurate and we did not attend the meeting.”

I repeat.  The Democrats own this one.  Because you won, remember?

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