‘Girl from the North Country.’

Actually, I need suggestions. What are the iconic 1980s Country and Western songs?

Girl From The North Country, Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash


Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Lecture.

It’s not bad at all. There’s video at the link, but basically Bob Dylan talked about how Moby DickAll Quiet on the Western Front, and The Odyssey influenced his songs. The tale of How Bob Got His Nobel has been such an absurd one from start to finish that it’s hard to tell how much of this was serious and how much was a put-on designed to let Dylan keep the nine hundred grand he got from getting the Literature prize, but either way it was entertaining.  I mean, clearly Bob Dylan has read all three books. It’s all worth a look and a listen.

Via Austin Bay.


So, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Personally, I find it all marvelous fun, to borrow the turn of phrase from our British cousins. Giving Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize for Literature is at the very least the most interesting thing that the committee has done in the arts since, well, for as long as I can remember*.  And I can remember more than forty years.

Moe Lane

*Bear in mind, I’ve also not yet forgiven Phillip Roth for his execrable, ham-handed attempt at alternate history (The Plot Against America), so possibly there’s a bit of schadenfreude there, too.  Also bear in mind: I had no idea before this evening that there was such a thing as Nobel betting pools, although it seems obvious enough in retrospect.  You’d be amazed how much last-minute swotting goes on in this business…


‘Mr. Tambourine Man.’

[Wrong dang song. Here’s the live version that I should have gone with in the first place.]


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