The Sarlacc wins after all: the Boba Fett movie is dead.

It’s official: “This week Lucasfilm exec Kathleen Kennedy confirmed to reporter Erick Weber that a standalone Star Wars movie focusing on bounty hunter Boba Fett is no longer in development. While the project had never been officially announced, it was known to be a piece in the parade of “anthology” movies planned in the universe.”  This was already highly likely, considering that Disney previously announced that they were making a TV show called The Mandalorian — but now it’s official.

We will now pause while everyone with an opinion on the subject counts coup.  Gonna be honest, here: I don’t trust simple answers to complicated questions involving tons of money.   More to the point: neither does Disney.  They put up several billion dollars in order to acquire this particular intellectual property, and the Mouse has a dizzying number of blunt instruments with which to hammer this issue back down until it’s flush with the surface and generating revenue.  They will adapt and overcome their Star Wars problem.  Don’t know how they will, but they will.


Our long national nightmare is over: there will be a Boba Fett movie.

Rejoice: “James Mangold is writing and will direct a Star Wars standalone movie centered on Boba Fett, the feared bounty hunter and fan favorite character, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned.”  Guess they ran the likely numbers for Solo this weekend* and realized that, hey, this was a doable project. Or Disney has a checklist, and it’s Reveal The Next Movies time. Probably the last movie of the trilogy, the Boba Fett flick, and then the Kenobi standalone.

I would not object to a neo-Western/samurai Ben Kenobi flick, honestly.  It would have a certain appeal.  And it’s likely to be able to sustain a couple of titles, too. (more…)


Oh It’s Gonna Be a FUN Day…

…so.  A Boba Fett poster that’s, like, 70% off or something.

Odd that this character has such a fan following.


The growing* consensus on a Boba Fett movie.

It seems to have two parts:

  1. A Boba Fett movie would be awesome.
  2. George Lucas must be kept as far away from it as possible.

Tasers may be regrettably necessary in order to enforce #2.

Moe Lane

*Thus far… AoSHQ, PJ Lifestyle, and me.

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