06/07/2020 Book Report, MARIE AND THE CONTINENT.

Today I did something that I should have done a while ago. I figured out what the hell the mystery was in the middle section of the damned book. Winging it is a great way to spark creativity, if you’re doing up a gaming scenario or even a vignette; as a method of novel-writing it leaves much to be desired. But I fixed my problem easily enough by scribbling out about four hundred words on what the situation was, what the good guys were like, and what the victory conditions were.

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06/05/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

Oh, this day. Power failure, bizarre software design architecture, over-complicated procedures, and absolutely not enough sleep last night.

BUT! The .mobi and .epub versions of FROZEN DREAMS are both tentatively at the stage where I could release them to my Kickstarter backers. I’ve started the locking of existing pledges, and I’m going to test the system by releasing the wallpaper first. Assuming nothing bad happens, the rest will follow. And then I can get the book up on Amazon and B&N proper, with print version to follow.



I got, like, 13 people who haven’t. If you haven’t, fill ’em out. Check your email, if you haven’t yet. At this point I’m about ready to guess.

Feel free to pre-order from the store, too.

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05/31/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

I put more finishing touches on the book. What’s keeping me from publishing? Mostly my wife doing one last look-see and me doing the Special Thanks section. Which means, by the way: FILL OUT YOUR SURVEYS, IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.

In other news, got more feedback on the short stories – and I got the character sketches first drafts for the worldbook back from Ben Fleuter! He’s going to use the sample characters to populate the cover art, and he’s enthusiastic about that part of the project. As am I: I feel it’s gonna absolutely pop.

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05/30/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

Welp. At some point in the process, you have to slam back the shot of whiskey and say That’s all the goram rogue em-dashes we’re gonna find. We have reached that point in the book’s journey. It’s back from the editor, and as soon as EVERYBODY SENDS THEIR SURVEYS IN I can start in with getting the list together for the Special Thanks. There’s just not that much left at this point.

Well, for the book. The audiobook and RPG worldbook are both later-stage projects. But the book (and the physical copy) are still coming along. But a big milestone’s been passed here.

05/28/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

Today might have been the last real pass-through for the text. At this point we’re just trying to find rogue carriage breaks and misuse of a/an. Assuming a clean slate, we’re… running out of reasons why not to slap various extras onto it and hitting publish.

Fun thing I learned about tonight: the difference between left/right margins and gutter/outside margins. The latter is what you use when you’re prepping something for publishing: you have to mirror your text and make the gutter margin wider than the outside, because the gutter margin is where they bind the pages to the spine. If you make both margins equal, or don’t mirror the text, it looks weird on the physically printed page. And now you know!

05/27/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

Mostly I’m trying to figure out advertising right now. I grabbed Backerkit mostly to coordinate surveys and fulfillment, but the preorder store has actually been pretty productive. Sufficiently so that I could maybe afford to buy some ads on Facebook or whatnot; I just don’t know whether it’s cost-effective. Although maybe I should do it anyway, as a teaching mechanism? There are a lot of elements to this self-publishing thing that aren’t immediately obvious.

Also: hopefully soon I’ll have a logo! My sister’s a graphic designer, and she’s working on it for me now. Gonna put it in all the books and stuff.

05/26/2020 Book Report, FROZEN DREAMS.

I did some work on the RPG (you can see it on Patreon) and I got the continent map back! I’m now deciding whether to make it an add-on for Backerkit. It’s kind of spoiler-y.

Aside from that, right now I’m mostly keeping track of people doing stuff. Things are being reviewed, assessed, annotated, drawn, and generally worked on; there’s a lot of moving parts to this thing. I shouldn’t be surprised at that, yet here we are.

Didn’t do much on the book today, really.

Sent some stuff out for people to look at, got stuff back, played videogames and generally didn’t sweat it too much. My wife made a lemon curd pie with fresh-made whipped cream. It was delicious. That was my day.

…Course, I was also up until 4 AM last night/this morning playing Civilization VI, because that’s what you do when you get a new version of Civ, right? And then you remind yourself never to do that again, and you don’t! Until Civilization VII comes out. Ah, the circle of life…