Oh, right. Christmas week.

It’s gonna be a sloooooooow week for politics, God willing.


So, what video games are all y’all looking forward to?  I don’t know, I’m trying to put off doing the dishes.

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Gack. It’s like NOTHING IS GOING ON this week.

It’s either the political equivalent of the Sargasso Sea right now, or I’m in the political equivalent of a sensory deprivation tank. Or maybe I’m just too used to the frenetic campaign pace that was going on since that damned Ames Straw Poll thing. It’s so bad, in fact, that I almost wrote five hundred words about my substandard Cheesecake Factory experience this evening*. It’s been so bad that I actually went to bed before midnight last night. Shocked the hell out of my wife, that did.

Quick, somebody do somet… no, wait, the last time I suggested that was just before the 2000 elections. Never. Bloody. Mind. I’m good. Really.

Moe Lane

*They forgot my coffee and their chicken samosas were uninspiring. Add another 490 words of querulous blather and you’re ready to go.

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