Canadian anti-Semitic groups to be hoist on their own petard.

What goes around, comes around.

In Canada, various leftwing and pro-terror groups have used the odious hate speech laws to bludgeon critics into silence. Even though many of the cases are overturned upon appeal, the accused is out of a lot of money to defend themselves and their reputation is forever damaged. Now these laws might be put to good use…

…by using them to target Jew-hating Israeli boycott groups. streiff goes on to note that this is actually bad, because even hate speech like this is still free speech; and I, of course, agree. On the other hand, it’s not my country and Canada’s draconian regulations on freedom of expression don’t apply to me.  And on the gripping hand? If the Harper administration starts using those laws to smack the Left on the nose enough, the Left will fall all over itself to get those laws repealed.

House bill introduced to spank anti-Semites in higher academia.

Good. Shame it’s not a literal spanking:

A new bipartisan bill introduced Thursday in the House would strip all federal funds from any U.S. academic institution that decides to boycott Israel, according to a copy of the newly filed legislation obtained by the Free Beacon.

The introduction of the bill marks the first time that Congress has sought to level harsh economic penalties on federally funded universities that seek to boycott the Jewish state.

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Before I forget: the ASA boycott of Israel is straight-up anti-Semitism…

…and institutions and individuals who participate in it should be ashamed of themselves. Glenn Reynolds thinks that the best way to hit the ASA over this is the “withdrawal of funding to attend ASA events:” I’ll add that this can very easily be the soft option… and no, I’m not going to tell you what the harder options are.  I want it to be a surprise and most of you can already guess, anyway.

Yes, there’s a contradiction there.  I do that, sometimes.

Scenes from the Class Struggle at Whole Foods Market*.

Here, Matt Welch cheerfully talks about an enjoyable episode of assumptions-busting with regard to his recent visit to Whole Foods:

After making my purchase with more enthusiasm than usual, I was handed another flyer from some peppy UFCW gals, including the bold-italic question du jour: “Do you really want your shopping dollars going to executives who are undermining President Obama?” One of them asked me (quoting from memory), “Are you aware that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey recently wrote an op-ed attacking national health care?”

“Yes,” I replied with a smile. “I read the whole thing.” As I walked away one of the gals said, in genuine wonder and disappointment, “Wow….”

Of course, Matt was still pumped from seeing the very things from Mackey’s proposal that he would have highlighted being reproduced and disseminated by his political opponents. For free.  Still, the reaction by the union-affiliated ‘grassroots’ protesters was tasty enough, if you’ll pardon the pun, to almost make me go to a Whole Foods and buy something. Continue reading Scenes from the Class Struggle at Whole Foods Market*.

Profiles in Blustering: the Whole Foods ‘boycott.’

(Via AoSHQ Headlines) It’s rare to see an article that sabotages its own message in the first two paragraphs, but this one on the supposed horrible coming backlash towards Whole Foods CEO John Mackey for his op-ed against health care rationing manages to do so pretty effectively.

Joshua has been taking the bus to his local Whole Foods in New York City every five days for the past two years. This week, he said he’ll go elsewhere to fulfill his fresh vegetable and organic produce needs.

“I will never shop there again,” vowed Joshua, a 45-year-old blogger, who asked that his last name not be published.

Of course he doesn’t want his last name published. If it got published, he’d risk being mocked horribly when it turns out that his ‘boycott’ lasted all of one week.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, you may safely assume by this that I am not particularly impressed by the threats of a bunch of food enthusiasts to stop shopping at the place that most easily enables their habit.  Health care rationing advocacy is one thing; giving up their most reliable source of organic buffalo cheese is something else entirely.

Although admittedly you can get Italian Buffalo Milk Cheese on Amazon. Well, you could: I am a philistine.

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