Zombie Attack Barbie!

I got a problem with this, and all of you know what it is:

The accessories.  You do not take down zombies with a bazooka.  You do not take down zombies with grenades.  And you DO. NOT. ISSUE. ANTI. ZOMBIE. BODY. ARMOR. THAT. DOES. NOT. HAVE. ADEQUATE. NECK. AND. FACIAL. PROTECTION.  The rifle is fine, but a .22 Olympic target pistol is arguably better for head shots; and while both melee weapons are very reasonable choices I would personally argue in favor of a good boar spear with crossbar. Continue reading Zombie Attack Barbie!

Annnnnnd so much for the World War Z movie.

There’s a part of me that is kind of glad that I missed the original controversy over the World War Z movie – essentially, that the studio threw out the perfectly good script, original premise, timeline, …and everything else except the title, really.  I’m glad because this way I get to have that horror added to the Liveliest Awfulness that @allahpundit and @Slublog found:

The movie will have fast zombies.



Don’t get me wrong: fast zombies are a great addition to the genre.  28 Days Later? Zombieland? Great stuff.  But fast zombies just doesn’t fit into any part of World War Z, and honestly?  If they’re trying to rope into theaters the people who loved the book, possibly they should consider showing the film version of the stuff that made people love the book?  And if they can’t do that and still make money, well, it’s OK not to make a movie out of a book.  Really.

CDC discusses braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssss.

The only problem that I have (and share with Hot Air) about this excellent, official Center for Disease Control blog post about how the CDC would handle a zombie apocalypse is in the designation of Resident Evil as Best. Zombie Flick. EVAR.  And that’s not even a fair problem, as I’ve never seen the film: I avoid movies made from video games, because in my experience they generally suck*.  Besides, I am a Shaun of the Dead / 28 Days Later guy anyway.

Seriously, it’s a creative way to get a general disaster scenario checklist out there – so if you’re the sort to ask the question “Was this an appropriate use of taxpayer money?” on everything that the government does, right down to the molecular level, I’m going to say that the answer is ‘yes.’  Mind you, I’d say it even if the CDC just decided to riff off of a genre that has them taking a prominent (if ultimately futile) role in virtually every example of same.  These people can have a little fun, surely.

Moe Lane


The Wired/Yuan Brothers interview.

Probably the funniest interview that you’ll read today; almost certainly funnier than the flick that they’re going to be in.  A taste:

Wired.com: After the Observe and Report premiere in Austin during South by Southwest, there was some awestruck talk about your zombie-fighting plan. What is the plan, and what part did it play in your getting hired for the roles?

John Yuan: The plan is to make it to a hardware store near our home. It’s a fort, but not an obvious choice like a mall or police station. It has everything we need for short-term survival as well as the tools we’ll need to carry the seeds of civilization out of the hellhole that L.A. is going to turn into.

Matt Yuan: We hate to say this, because it’s kind of our trump card, but yes — Jody did hire us because of our zombie-survival plan. In fact, our plan has gotten us hired dozens of times.

John Yuan: Well, that and our Adonis-like physiques.

Via AoSHQ, which also had this:


I don’t know: new background image?

Moe Lane

PS: If you don’t have a zombie plan, get one. Also: ooh…

Pride and Prejudice… and Zombies.

No, really.

510xxfxxxgl_sl500_aa240_Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a real book, and it’s coming out in April, whereupon I will buy it.  They’re making the argument that the original book is actually quite amenable to being updated with zombies added, which makes perfect sense to me: everything is better with zombies added, after all.  The absolutely best part?  They’re talking movie scripts right now.

NO.  REALLY: Continue reading Pride and Prejudice… and Zombies.

Back to the Romero thing…

…actually, there’s no reason why you should be interested in that.  But in the process I ran across Cracked.com’s Zombies topic page, and it’s pretty tasty, in a braaaaaaaaaiinnnnnnns sort of way.  A little graphic in places, not least of which is the video where a zombie takes on a shark with martial arts moves.

No, really.