Think Progress inadvertently sums why the Clinton Foundation is problematical.

Obviously, they were trying to debunk. The problem is that… well, it’s that the Clinton Foundation is a pretty suspect shop. There’s no way around it.

Also: I harp on Buzzfeed a lot, but it was pretty helpful of Ben Smith to present this in a nice, concise chunk for later dissemination. I didn’t have to do anything except scoop it out of the box, and onto the plate. Thanks, guys!

TWEET of the Day, The Democrats Miss Bribery Something Fierce! edition.

Indeed, this is true:


Here’s the paragraph in question:

“Bribery isn’t what it once was,” said an official with one of the major gun-control groups. “The government has no money. Once upon a time you would throw somebody a post office or a research facility in times like this. Frankly, there’s not a lot of leverage.”

Good. Also: …yeah, my side was the one with the Good Guys, thanks.

Moe Lane