A tight race in Maine-02? …Very possibly.

Interesting, although why the article went with the registered voter results when the likely voter results were 35/34 (more on that below) is unclear:

A poll commissioned by Republican candidate Bruce Poliquin reveals a tight race in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

The survey, conducted by the GOP polling firm Public Opinion Strategies*, showed Poliquin trailing Democrat Emily Cain by four points, 37-33.

…and this is probably the most interesting part: Continue reading A tight race in Maine-02? …Very possibly.

Interesting – and, for Democrats, faintly alarming – results in Maine-02.

In ME-02 incumbent Democrat Mike Michaud is, of course, running for governor of Maine: so his seat is now open.  And after last night’s results, I think that it may end up being considered more competitive than Lean Democratic.  As of 10:30 AM today, Democrat Emily Cain has only gotten about 800 more votes than Republican Bruce Poliquin did; and turnout was noticeably higher on the Republican side than the Democratic one.  Both candidates are unabashedly partisan; but you’d expect that the Democrats would have done better with GOTV on a seat that they’re currently holding.

Keep an eye on this race.  Bruce Poliquin’s site is here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)