Aww: Buckley the Lesser feels bad about how they booed Bush.

Buckley the Lesser can… stay right where he is.

No, I will not link directly to the man – I suggest that you go to the Daily Beast main page via this article by Richard Cohen on the endlessly funny Kennedy-Paterson New York meltdown, or even this one by Tucker Carlson, and go look it up there – but I will tell you that he apparently “winced” at the way that his fellow Obama supporters urinated on the Inauguration ceremony by booing the former President. Let’s just get this out of the way: to every Obama supporter feeling similar “discomfort”?

Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and have a nice cup of Shut The Fuck Up*. Your embarrassing comrades-in-Obama booed and taunted former President Bush because they were carefully taught over the last eight years to do so. You taught them to do this – or, in the case of Buckley the Lesser and his ilk, you joined the company, gratefully, of those that taught them to do this. And your “remorse” is a contemptuously empty gesture until such time as you back it with actions that would prevent such things from happening in the future. Which you will, of course, not do: after all, some day there will be another Republican in the White House.

Much more simply: the people who booed were at least honest in their hatred. You are not.

And we can tell. Quite easily, in fact.

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