Behold Obama’s mighty $775 million budget cut!

No, that is not a typo.

(H/T: AoSHQ) Considering that there is a projected deficit of 1.5 trillion dollars, you might think that the White House might start taking the idea of spending cuts seriously. You would be wrong: the Budget Office has released the President’s proposed 2012 budget, and they involve a paltry 775 million in spending cuts. That would be .05% of the total deficit. Not five percent; point-oh-five percent.

The White House wants to call this a “tough call:” they also want credit for spending freezes that should have started two years ago. Actually, they should have started thirty or forty years ago, but this administration’s only on the hook for the stupid fiscal decisions that they made once they were actually in office. Which are considerable: Continue reading Behold Obama’s mighty $775 million budget cut!

Well, of *course* Congress is gutting the manned space program.

I’m pretty sure that neither Glenn Reynolds nor Slashdot is surprised by this news that we’re cutting manned space exploration by 16%.  I don’t see why anybody else should be surprised, either.

Elections have consequences.

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