The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding.

…Look, whatever the amount on the The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding (RPG: vampire spy mashup that features, go figure, Dracula) ends up being, just get the whole damn thing. Totally worth it. You should also consider buying a print copy of DRACULA UNREDACTED, which is… difficult to describe. But worth it to have in your hands as a book, or the mother of all in-game props.

The Oh My F*CKING GOD Champions 4e Bundles of Holding.

This is insane. This is the Champions TTRPG of my – well, college years. Third Edition was the Champions of my actual ‘youth.’ I dunno if these Bundles of Holding have them all, but between the Champions 4E Essentials and the Champions 4E Universe they comes damned close. My fingers are twitching.

Moe Lane

PS: I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online…

The Castle Falkenstein Bundle of Holding.

If you don’t have Castle Falkenstein, I recommend picking it up. It is a highly entertaining tabletop RPG that is filled with the most enterta SWEET JESUS THE HARDCOVER IS WORTH HOW MUCH? …Excuse me for a moment.


…Oh, [expletive deleted] me. On the other hand, Abebooks has it for cheaper. And on the gripping hand, my copy is in excellent shape. Yowsers.

Anyway, it’s a good game. Pick up the Bundle of Holding.

The CITIES OF CTHULHU Bundle of Holding.

The Cities of Cthulhu Bundle of Holding is definitely worth it. There’s some real good stuff in here; the same is true of the Trail of Cthulhu BoH, but I have all of those and not everything in the Cities one. Seriously, if you don’t have Ken Writes About Stuff already then that Volume 1 will pretty much justify the whole thing. Check it out.

The Savage Battlefield Bundle of Holding.

The Savage Battlefield stuff is for Savage Worlds — obviously — and the standard charity is a little different, this time. The publisher (Jonathan Thompson, of Battlefield Press) had his house robbed and burned while he was in GenCon, so Bundle of Holding will be contributing the charity portion to the publisher’s take. Which sounds eminently righteous. Check it out.

The Tekumel (Empire of the Petal Throne) Bundle of Holding.

I think somebody pointed this out to me, but it’s been a weird few days. Anyway, I’ve heard all my life that the Tekumel RPG setting is simultaneously brilliant, perfect, and completely unbelievable. I have no idea if this is true, yet; but it’s a Bundle of Holding, and since the original is at yeah-right prices, well… this seems the easiest way to find out, hey?

3.5 hours left on the Song of Fire and Ice Bundle of Holding! (#fixitfiction)

The Song of Fire and Ice Bundle of Holding. If you’re inclined to, you know, make Game of Thrones come out right after all, or something*. Certainly waiting for the author to finish it isn’t exactly a viable long-term plan…

…OK, OK, I’ll be good. I was kind of upset myself that we’re never getting an actual ending to War Against the Chtorr. I should be nicer to people who are in a similar bind now.

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