The Radioactive Bison (and the rest of the Fiasco stuff) Bundle of Holding.

There’s the hard sell, and then there’s this:

Because of a nuclear disaster in 1986, across Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland one can find roaming herds of radioactive bison that are just doing their thing — eating and hanging out with non-radioactive bison, and occasionally getting eaten by wolves or prodded by scientists. This is their story. Radioactive Bison is a one-hour live-action game for 8-19 players in a large room (or a grassy field in Belarus).



The Shadowrun 5e Bundles of Holding.

Shadowrun 5e Essentials and Runs & Guns. It’s weird: you’d think that a fantasy-cyberpunk game with elves and orcs would be right up my alley. I would think that it was right up my alley. But I’ve never really gotten into tabletop Shadowrun. Maybe because of the political balkanization? They’re always breaking up the USA in these things, and the reasons always seem fairly arbitrary, moderately silly, and invariably informed by whatever ax the author wanted to grind that week*.

Still: it’s unquestionably a fun setting. And cheaper than usual to pick up the line.

Moe Lane

*Not that I’m ever guilty of that, of course.


The Coriolis/Tales From The Loop Bundle of Holding.

Can’t speak to Coriolis, but Tales From The Loop is rather good.  It’s a kid-based RPG in a 1980s world where strange things happen, nobody ever believes the kids, and it’s up to them to solve the mysteries.  It’s not exactly Stranger Things (aside from everything else, the game defaults to being set in Sweden); more like it and Stranger Things were next to each other when they drew from the same well.

Definitely worth checking out, in other words.  …I think I’m running it next WashingCon, in fact.  Should be a hoot.


The Early Champions/Early Hero System Bundles of Holding.

Wow.  This is like nostalgia, directly injected into the vein.  I had half to two-thirds of the stuff in Early Champions and Early Hero System when it came out; I remember writing up a character background for a Justice Inc. character (Fearless Findlay, ace barnstormer) that my father found and read.  He told me that it was really good.

So, yeah, I’m biased in favor of the early Hero System stuff.


The Nobilis and Chuubo Bundle of Holding.

I can speak to Nobilis: I played in a campaign for that one.  Nobilis is a very interesting diceless RPG system expressly designed to handle characters that can break reality itself.  It does so in large part by having the players deal with the consequences of said breaking, rather ruthlessly.  To give an example: I have tendencies towards power-gaming, so when I joined the campaign I decided that I would take over the world.  I decided to start with China, so I had another player change the universe so that I had always been the Emperor of the PRC*. (more…)


The Mutant: Year Zero Bundle of Holding.

I’m picking up the Mutant: Year Zero RPG Bundle of Holding because FunCom’s bringing out the Mutant: Year Zero RPG videogame sometime this year.  I’m looking forward to it!  — Not least because when FunCom makes money, Secret World Legends gets updates.  And I need more Investigation missions that will drive me up the blipping wall.


The Delta Green Bundle of Holding.

This Delta Green Bundle of Holding is for the new edition, which is gorgeous.  It’s a government conspiracy Cthulhu Mythos RPG — although anybody reading this site surely knows this by now, given how I talk about it all the time — and I can personally say that every item in the Bundle of Holding is worth the attention. So get it now, while the threshold price is under thirty bucks.


The Two GUMSHOE Bundles of Holding.

Bundle of GUMSHOE and GUMSHOE 2, respectively: I have all of the games except Mutant City Blues, and the ones that I have are excellent.  Night’s Black Agents is Vampire Espionage; Ashen Stars is Gritty Reboot Sci-Fi Television Series; Fear Itself is Modern Horror Movie Investigations; the various adventures are obviously Adventures; and Ken Writes About Stuff is …Stuff That Ken Hite Writes About, and it was always worth reading. I’d recommend it for the KWAS alone, if you don’t have them; the rest just makes the Bundle of Holdings more of a bargain.


The ‘Oldest School’ Paranoia Bundle of Holding.

This Bundle of Holding is for 1st and 2nd edition Paranoia.  This is the stuff I remember from college and high school; it’s really old.  Staples-in-the-books old.  But it’s good!

Moe Lane

PS: there is one flaw in the description, though: it shamefully undervalues the importance of The YELLOW Clearance Black Box BluesSome of John M. Ford’s best work is in that supplement. And yes, that’s a tall bar to clear.


Second(?) edition of Unknown Armies up at Bundle of Holding.

Question mark because I can’t remember if the reissue had many significant departures from the original Unknown Armies. Doesn’t really matter; this game has been consistently excellent in its background and style. This Bundle of Holding is not for the Third Edition that got Kickstarted — huh. Guess I didn’t need the question mark after all — a bit back; but they are still tomes that will reward a scholar’s curiosity. I already own the print versions, of course, and keep them close to hand.

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