So, yeah, I cooked two chicken breasts up using a whole stick of butter.

…What? ┬áDude, it tasted great. I watched over those chicken breasts like, hah!, a mother hen; and they came out perfectly. Not too dry, not too moist, just the right internal temperature: and, again, cooked in a whole stick of butter (and a little flour, and a little pepper, and a dash each of lemon and lime juice). It takes real skill to mess up something like that, and I did not*.

Problem is, I still have a bunch of the mixed butter/chicken juice liquid in the pan. Seems a shame to toss that; my immediate inclination is to dump it in Tupperware, freeze it, and pull it out when I’m making chicken soup from scratch or something. Anybody got a better idea?

Moe Lane

*The broccoli was disappointing, though.

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