Campaign seed: The B.A.B.Y. Protocol.

I blame Internet videos.

BABY Protocol – Google Docs

The B.A.B.Y. Protocol


The Broad-ABility Yield Protocol (at this level of security, you’re allowed to make puns) is that rarity: a genuine international conspiracy.  One that every government in the world has either signed up for, or at least sworn to keep quiet about.  And that’s not an idle oath, either: even the threat of the failure to do at least the latter has resulted in at least six regime changes since 1978.



Campaign Seed: The Great Drone Wars of 800 AD.

Yes, it’s mildly awful. Or at least the implications are.  Gotta give the PCs a suitably awful Ultimate Big Bad to aim for, right?

The Great Drone Wars of 800 AD – Google Docs


The Great Drone Wars of 800 AD


Well, it’s like this. Time travel is possible, you can change the past, but it doesn’t effect anything that happens back in your home time period.  The nations of the world — at least, the ones whose governments survived any number of revelations by people raiding the recent past for evidence of awkward or illegal shenanigans — have banded together to create an international organization dedicated to making sure that all the awful consequences of time travel stay strictly Downtime, and never impacts Uptime (currently 2057 AD) at all.  OK? OK.



Need some thoughts on a campaign seed.

The basic premise would be: some time in the last hundred to fifty years a fairly epic clandestine war was fought inside the US government (and others too, I suppose).  Once it was over, what evidence still remained of that war was carefully buried – literally, in some places – and the survivors made sure that no information would surface in their lifetimes.  And it worked! – But now everyone involved in the original situation is dead, and nobody remembers why certain bunkers aren’t supposed to be occupied and why certain files should remain off-limits.  And the Macguffins that are inside them are still fairly potent, should they ever get out.

Anyway, I can see a story in that, sure. But would it be fun to game? – Because I’m not so certain that it would be.

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