Patreon microfiction: ‘Canaries.’

Canaries‘ illustrates something that I’ve long thought: to wit, that folklore ascribes natural magical talent to a whole range of creatures who are, frankly, as dumb as posts. Have any of these people ever have cats? Show a cat a magical hovering flame and it’ll chase it right into the wall.


Actually, canaries are vicious.

(Via Protein Wisdom) Pound for pound, they’re some of the deadliest birds out there.  Particularly if they’ve been bred and beaten to the Death Ring as these birds have been.  It’s like Dobermans: they’re sweet, wonderful dogs, but you can brutalize them into being vicious killers.  It’s the same with canaries, except that they’re easier to warp.  You don’t hear about it, but large enough flocks have even been known to kill men; that’s why the traditional name for a group of canaries is a rabble. (more…)

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