I wonder if Disney is going to move up Captain Marvel now.

Or is that even a sensible strategy?  I’m not sure how this sort of thing games out. Does not having Captain Marvel out until 2019 build up the expectations for that movie — because it will be compared to Wonder Woman; I can almost see the think pieces in the aether, waiting to be manifested — for too long? Or does the studio want some distance in time between Wonder Woman and this flick? Weirdly, this is the one field in the DC/Marvel media wars where Marvel is at a disadvantage; the MCU doesn’t go in much for iconic (given how Marvel’s original iconic characters were all farmed out to other studios, it largely can’t). Wonder Woman is a solidly iconic movie at this point, and I suspect that there’s going to be another round of think pieces when it doesn’t get any serious Oscar nominations*. Extremely ticked-off ones.

Moe Lane

*The Academy purely hates superhero flicks. Even when they’re better than what normally gets the nomination.  Particularly when they’re better, in fact. The only reason they gave Heath Ledger that Best Supporting Actor Oscar was because it was posthumous.


I don’t think that they can avoid a Captain Marvel origin story.

If for no other reason than there’s going to be some confusion over which Captain Marvel is getting a movie (in this case, the Marvel comics superheroine).  The character is not as well known as, say, Spider-man or Batman; so introducing her makes a certain amount of sense. …Unless they drag Captain Marvel into a MCU film before then, but there’s already a lot of superheroes cycling through those already.


Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I barely know who Captain Marvel is – or who Brie Larson is, either. In fact, what I know about Captain Marvel is wrong, because I’m confusing her with someone from DC’s Marvel family.  This is kind of deliberate, in fact, because (I looked it up) the ‘Captain Marvel’ trademark has been the subject of a war between DC and Marvel for decades.  This character exists largely because of that war.

But it doesn’t really goram matter, now does it?  I mean… I never read Ant-Man. Didn’t matter. Didn’t really read the Avengers. Didn’t matter.  I’ve read precisely one issue of Guardians of the Galaxy.  DID. NOT. MATTER.  And when Doctor Strange comes out later this year, it won’t matter that I’ve never read his comic book, either.  Marvel owns my eyeballs at this point, and I don’t even blipping mind.

Now, if they would just get the Fantastic Four back into the MCU where they belong, that would be swell…

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