More crazytalk about the END OF HUMANITY, YOU FILTHY CARBON-LOVERS!!!!1!!!!!One!!!

Just… far in the future. Shoot, they’re learning.

Not to be churlish about this, but I’m reminded of a quote from the Church of the Subgenius that seems to apply to this situation. It’s just a touch too crude to repeat here, but the gist of it was: sometimes the stuff that people have to do just to achieve sexual release simply looks too much like work to the rest of us. Case in point:

Humans will be extinct in 100 years because the planet will be uninhabitable, according to Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner, one of the leaders of the effort to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s. He blames overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.

Fenner’s prediction is not a sure bet, but he is correct that there is no way emissions reductions will be enough to save us from our trend toward doom. And there doesn’t seem to be any big global rush to reduce emissions, anyway. When the G7 called on Monday for all countries to reduce carbon emissions to zero in the next 85 years, the scientific reaction was unanimous: That’s far too late.


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