The Cars/Cars 2 Honest Trailer.

I personally liked Cars more than the Honest Trailers folks did — they didn’t hate it, mind — because it was basically a kids’ flick, and my kids loved it (and Mater Tales), so it did its duty.  But it was entertaining to listen to Announcer Guy skip ahead to Cars 2, only to spiral into a Madness Anagnorisis over thinking too much about the implications of the Cars universe.  Not least because there were a couple of points in there that I hadn’t considered yet.  Since the disquieting world-building needed to make Cars work is something I find interesting, it’s always nice to encounter a new, chilling insight.


Tweet of the Day, We’re Not The Only Ones Wondering About The Cars Universe edition.

Pixar’s people have their own, highly macabre, theories as well.


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The Cars 3 Trailer. I’m sorry, but I have to say it…

…I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

This may be going somewhere… dark.


Tweet of the Day, I May Adopt This Rule edition.

I have no more desire to have my car door hit by a cyclist than the cyclist does to hit it, after all. God knows that somebody in this state needs to keep situational awareness up and running in traffic, because it’s for dang sure that they’re not teaching it in Maryland’s drivers’ education courses…


Murderous genocidal automobiles need… a little something more.

This is good, but it needs a twist.

Clearly, if you ever play a Cars-like campaign, you need to have this be the first layer of the conspiratorial onion. Have your PCs learn this (that sentient cars killed off humanity) as the Awful Truth… and then hint to them later that there is yet another, even more awful layer.  You see, what actually happened is that AI erupted in automobiles – and everything was fine! The sentient cars were chill and everything.  Things were great.

And then word came of a solar flare that would kill off all higher-level animal life on Earth.  But the cars would be fine.  So humanity betrayed the sentient cars, and somehow transferred their own consciousness into the AIs’ ‘brains.’  And that’s what the party is set to discover, much to their horror: because the transformed cars blocked out all memory of their horrible actions.

Add a lost tribe of underground humans – or sentient cars! – to taste.

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee And The Case Of The Conspiracy To Make Her Staffers Run Into People.

[UPDATE: Merlot!  Marvelous stuff.  Makes you write words that are almost correct.]

…Ah, Sheila Jackson Lee.  You couldn’t write her out as fiction, you know.  Well, you could, but then people would come and yell at you for being a cliched hack. Because this woman is a living, walking stereotype.

To summarize: her staffer almost ran over a DC Capitol cop (did hit the guy; thankfully, no serious [injuries]). So the Representative, of course, popped over to the accident scene to berate the cops, ask for their supervisor, articulate her opinion that this was all due to some conspiracy against her and that she was tired of it, and gave the cop who got hit by the car an impromptu medical [exam]. Yes, apparently Rep. Jackson Lee* is a doctor, and we just never heard about it.

But wait. It gets better. No, really: (more…)


Your absolutely horrid thought of the day: Adolf Hitler exists in the Cars universe.

No, really.

That’d make one hell of a reverse Downfall parody video, though. Up until the moment that the maker of it was sued into oblivion.

Moe Lane

PS: By the way, The Pixar Theory is endlessly fascinating.


Movie of the Week: Trainspotting.

Trainspotting came up in conversation today for some reason, and I’ve always thought that they should show this film in health class*, so here you go.

And so, adieu to Cars. Ka-chow!

Moe Lane

*Well, after watching it I at least personally decided that I was never, ever, ever going to even think about doing heroin.  I couldn’t have been the only person with that reaction.


Movie of the Week: Cars.

dear god please make it stop my eldest has watched cars forty times now its his favorite movie please god please god i hear it in my sleep now it whispers to me it whispers to me where are the humans WHERE ARE THE HUMANS my god its some weird experiment in zone mexico city from gurps reign of steel isnt it it all makes sense now it all makes sense

goodbye dr strangelove or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb goodbye



Cars, Gary Numan

I think that back then they picked song names and concepts via random number generators, actually.  Hey, it explains the results as well as anything else does, right?

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